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How does the NeighborWorks Alliance of Vermont help families buy a home?
The NeighborWorks Alliance of Vermont guides customers through the home-buying process by providing information and assistance from start to finish. Our homeownership specialists help buyers learn about mortgage pre-qualification, assist buyers with identifying a home in the right market, find professional services needed to buy a home, and secure the most advantageous mortgages and homeowners insurance. Learn more

Why can't these families buy homes?
Homeownership opportunities in Vermont have declined for working families as the number of starter homes has fallen over the past decade or more. First-time buyers often struggle with too little savings and too much consumer debt and have no experience with the complicated process of buying a home. Learn more

Who does the NeighborWorks Alliance of Vermont Serve?
There are over 66,700 families renting homes in Vermont today, and conservative estimates show that over 14,000 families would qualify for home mortgages if they could find an affordable home and if they were able to secure a mortgage.

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